With LifeConEx, Getting More out of Your Cold Chain Costs Less — That’s Efficiency

For every $1 spent on high quality logistics, $4 are saved

As you seek to cut nonessential transportation costs, does proactive cold chain analysis, design and optimisation come to mind? An optimised temperature-controlled cold chain (+2ºC to +8ºC, deep frozen, controlled room temperature) will help you reduce cycle times, lessen internal administrative and quality control efforts and decrease remanufacturing and redundant shipping costs of damaged product. For pharmaceutical, vaccine, diagnostics and medical device companies worldwide, LifeConEx is the premier distribution and logistics partner.

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LifeConEx maintains a successful delivery rate of greater than 99.9%

With more than 2,500 trade routes with origins and destinations in over 165 countries, LifeConEx manages MILLIONS of kilograms and BILLIONS in product value annually, but our clients choose us because we focus on EACH and EVERY shipment with the same attention to detail.

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