14th Annual DHL Life Sciences & Healthcare Conference

Location: Shang, China
Date: 11 June – 12 June 2014
Event Link: http://www.dhl-event.com/lshc-conference2014/en/

As a community, we are faced with common challenges and opportunities related to temperature controlled Good Distribution Practice, cost efficiency, trade compliance and regulations, growth in emerging markets, closer engagement to the end customer, and innovation for continuous improvement. With this year’s conference theme, ‘Transform to Win’, we want to address these changes affecting our industry.

Together we will explore what this means for the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector and discuss:

  • How alternative supply chain strategies can improve customer value
  • Where are industry peers re-engineering their supply chains to manage more efficiently
  • Is the right process in place to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance
  • What are the growth markets and their service requirements
  • Are there new solutions to manage temperature controlled shipments

The two day agenda will engage industry peers, leading suppliers, and DHL Life Sciences experts and executives to exchange knowledge and identify solutions needed to succeed through:

  • 40 workshop sessions covering key topics of interest to the industry
  • 6 case study presentations by customers at the plenary session
  • 15 supplier exhibits by leading external partners to the industry
  • 10 DHL info booths showcasing products and services

In addition, we will provide the opportunity for a tour of the DHL Express North Asia Hub and the DHL Global Forwarding Life Sciences Certified Station in Shanghai on Thursday evening, June 12.

Click here to download a PDF file for more details on this year’s conference and agenda.

You can register for the conference today via this registration platform, under the tab Customer Registration.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Date: 12 April 2014
Event Link: http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/tedxhgse/about-us

We are proud sponsors of TEDxHGSE. This year, the Harvard Graduate School of Education is hosting a TEDx event around the theme: "Imagine. Inspire. Ignite." The school will be bringing together an array of talented, motivating speakers and performers for a day of engagement around education, technology and the arts.

The Health and Personal Care Logistics Conference

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: 1 April – 3 April 2014
Event Link: http://hpclcnet.org/conferences/register/conferences/

Emerging Trends in Managing Global Supply Chain Integrity. Without question, health care and pharmaceutical supply chains are significantly challenged with maintaining product and process integrity. Cargo security, temperature control and data visibility are all elements of the challenge, which is even more critical when considered in the context of global supply chains. The Spring 2014 Health and Personal Care Logistics Conference will highlight these issues by focusing on the nature of the current global supply chain challenge and how strategic perspectives on emerging trends in risk management can lead to supply chain success.

IATA World Cargo Symposium

Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: 15 March – 17 March
Event Link

Highlights from the 10th World Cargo Symposium
The tenth edition of the World Cargo Symposium (WCS) was hosted by Lufthansa Cargo and Mercator, over 1000 air cargo decision-makers and experts across the entire air cargo supply chain were present in the opening plenary of this prestigious event.

This year, LifeConEx sponsored the Pharmaceutical Management Track. The growing market for pharmaceutical goods poses unique opportunities for the cargo industry. The Pharmaceutical Management Track will address all aspects of time and temperature-sensitive cargo. Learn about effective cold chain management, innovative solutions to mitigate risk throughout the supply chain and emerging issues for the industry. Share your experiences and learn from industry experts.

Under the theme of “The Value of Air Cargo”, the program is addressing industry challenges, such as:

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Security and Customs
  • Cargo Operations
  • Sustainability