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Head of Business Development Americas’

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From Lao Tzu’s, Tao Te Ching: Verse 17: Leaders:  There are four types of leaders; the best leader is indistinguishable from the will of those who selected she/he. The next best leader enjoys the love and praise of the people. The poor leader rules through coercion and fear. And the worse leader is a tyrant despised by multitudes who are the victims of the his/her power. What a world of difference among these leaders! In the last two types, what is done is without sincerity or trust – only coercion.  In the second type, there is a harmony between the leader and the people.  In the first type, whatever is done happens so naturally that no one presumes to take the credit!”

Frank Cascante joined LifeConEx as Head of Business Development, Americas’ in 2015. Frank, with over 29 years of logistics and transportation experience, has successfully collaborated with key Fortune 150 Consumer, Food Stuff, Perishables, Retail and Technology leaders. He has broad expertise in supply chain optimization solutions spanning the America’s, Europe and the Asian Pacific Markets

Together with his strategic regional subject matter experts, Frank has developed cost reduction models, and introduced inbound to manufacturing optimization processes, enabling his customers’ success.

Frank has a solid track record of successful implementations of more responsive and reliable international supply chains.

Academic credentials include studies supply chain management, business administration, and advisory board member of CSCMP.

Frank is fluent in Spanish/English,  and avid environmentalist and animal lover, with three rescued cats, and two dogs, who enjoys Bikram Yoga, rummaging through thrift stores and antique shops on the weekends, and spending as much time as possible in cookouts,  with his wife and son.