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Monday, March 30, 2015 at 12:00 AM | Vivian Berni | Events

It's great to be posting today, on this beautiful Monday! Hope everyone's weekend has been fantastic. 

If you follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, you've seen we've been sharing content about an exciting activity that took place early last week.

On Tuesday, March 24th, we hosted a new Life Science and Healthcare event BUT this time in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Mrs. Patricia Amaral, GS1

Many attendees participated who were interested in topics ranging from "Regional Logistics Possibilities" and "The Innovations" in terms of serialization and traceability around the world. 

Thought-provoking inputs from Mr. Jair Calixto from Sindusfarma (The Professionals Pharma Association in Sao Paulo) were shared, specifically addressing the challenges encountered in Brazilian regulations and also challenges for the regional cold chain. 

The main session, led by Mrs. Patricia Amaral from GS1, highlighted serialization updates and progress. She also applied the topic to country regulations.
A little about GS1 Healthcare: The organization's mission is to increase patient safety, supply chain security and efficiency, traceability and accurate data synchronisation in healthcare. GS1 Healthcare envisions a future where the healthcare sector integrates GS1 standards into supply chain processes for all relevant items, locations and people to drive patient safety and supply chain efficiency improvements. You can learn more here

DHL Brazil SP Team
Passionate Life Sciences &
Healthcare Team Members

In another productive meeting, we heard from a customer who provided us with positive feedback and expressed appreciation for the great interaction at the event between peers and suppliers. Enthusiasm was expressed because we framed content in an “innovative” perspective. Comments shared from attendees:

"We want more of these type of meetings," said Mrs. Lais Borges from Janssen.

Mrs. Camila Nunes from Besins Healthcare, also said: “…very interesting information shared. Really valuable!”

These types of opportunities make me feel proud to belong to this Life Science Family called DHL… connecting people with life, and connecting our beloved customers with new worldwide requirements.



Arlete Gago, Business Development Manager for Latin America

With more than 10 years experience in air freight and cold chain transportation industry, Arlete Gago provides her customers with solutions that help them address their needs. She offers guidance on best practices and engages in speaking opportunities to bring awareness of the importance of cold chain and collaboration. Most notably, Arlete serves as an IATA instructor where she delivers content on various topics ranging from training to compliance tailored to the Latin America region. 

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