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PDA/FDA Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 3:43 PM | Vivian Berni | Events

We are getting ready to spend some quality time in Washington, D.C. as we will be exhibiting at the upcoming PDA/FDA Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference with educational support from Rx-360.

The conference with FDA and other regulatory and health authorities and various industrial stakeholders including trade associations will be to identify best practices for protecting patients by securing the end-to-end pharmaceutical supply chain.

The challenge of securing and protecting the integrity of the vast, global pharmaceutical supply chain can be met through a variety of science- and risk-based approaches. New laws, regulations and guidance continue to evolve helping to stimulate innovation toward enhancing good manufacturing, distribution and importation practices. Building on earlier PDA/FDA-cosponsored conferences and workshops on pharmaceutical supply chains, this conference will provide a forum to further implementation of innovative approaches to protect the quality of the product to the patient, and to prevent illicit acts such as counterfeiting, diversion and economic adulteration from threatening the safety of the drug supply.

We are looking forward to hear regulators as well as industry experts present on an array of topics addressing practices and approaches to be considered to ensure the integrity and quality of the global pharmaceutical supply chain.

Click here to access the program agenda.

FDA Speakers Confirmed:

  • Thomas Christl (TJ), Office Director, ODSIR, CDER, FDA
  • Connie Jung, PhD, Associate Director, Policy & Communication, CDER, FDA
  • Mark Paxton, Regulatory Counsel, CDER, FDA
  • Steven Wolfgang, PhD, Acting Associate Director, Risk Science, Intelligence and Prioritization, CDER, FDA

See you there!

Vivian Berni


Vivian Berni, Senior Advisor, Optimisation

I am a science and technology explorer who is connecting the dots within the life sciences and health care sectors. Logistics and supply chain management are just some of the many variables that I consider daily. Within LifeConEx/DHL, I’m keeping tabs on industry trends while looking for ways to optimise my customers’ business. Prior to this, I was a driver of innovation who was responsible for project implementations affecting customer journey, branding and ideation. Email thoughts, tips and questions to vivian.berni@lifeconex.com or follow me on Twitter @vivianberni.

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