360° Visibility of Shipment Conditions Via the Web

We take a proactive approach to managing and continuously improving your cold chain shipment process to safeguard the accuracy of your product in-transit. Regardless of the size or complexity of your cold chain, we incorporate flexible technologies to safeguard the accuracy of your product in-transit.


  • LifeTrack
  • ConExion
  • In-Transit
  • lifetrack iconLifeTrack
    Put logic at the heart of your product logistics
    As our proprietary cold chain tracking and management system, LifeTrack combines custom data collection, reporting and analytics tools with 24/7/365 access to our team of dedicated experts. By enabling active, Web-based shipment tracking and near real-time monitoring of sensory data, LifeTrack and our support team give you the best transparency, traceability, reporting and collaboration tools to keep your products safe.
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  • conexion iconConExion
    Powerful cold chain analytics within LifeTrack
    ConExion gives you access to cloud-based cold chain analytics and comparison tools that aggregate and present your data in meaningful, insightful ways. ConExion can also import data from other sources to compare risk factors and generate user-defined reports for evaluating and improving performance. All of this is backed by our team of expert data interpreters and analysts — one-on-one assistance is always a call or click away.
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  • transit iconIn-Transit Technologies
    Insight every inch of the way
    Your shipment should arrive in the same condition it left in. To achieve near real-time tracking of temperature, location, humidity, shock and light within LifeTrack, we incorporate advanced RFID and GSM sensory technologies with your shipments. LifeConEx technologies are plug-and-play solutions that work with your existing IT infrastructure and are easily scaled to fit shipments of any size.
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